Handmade Olive Wood Pocket Cross

Encourage others to pray by giving them a Handmade Olive Wood Pocket Cross. 

The Olive Wood of Jerusalem is the symbol of Eternal Life.

The Olive Tree grows in the Holy Land and can survive for up to 2000 years.
Jesus prayed in Gethsemane (Mat. 26:36) near an olive tree, some says, 
still exists today. 

In the Bible, Noah sent out a dove from the ark to find dry land
and the dove returned with an Olive branch. (The Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit).

The Olive tree has been highly admired since ancient times and was 
proclaim as a blessed tree.  

The oil from the olives was used to anoint priests, 
prophets and kings to empower them as well as to pray for their healing.

While known for its sturdiness, it is a beautiful wood with
grains of colors from pink to black; The older the wood the darker the colors

  • Take the Lord's blessing with you everywhere you go
  • Made in the Holy Land and crafted with blessed Olive wood
  • Guaranteed to ease, relieve and encourage
  • Cut, carved, sanded and assembled by hand by Christian artists in Bethlehem
  • Every Cross is One-of-A-Kind, no two are the same
  • It makes for a very unique gift