Jesus / John 3:16 Handcrafted Wooden Token

This handmade wooden coin has quickly became one of the best sellers on the Divine Bazaar.

Designed in-house and hand crafted by our amazing team this coin is surely one you'll always want to have on your side.

When you purchase one of these, you're helping secure jobs for hard working American's.

This is a limited edition coin made by hand in our shop by our wonderful team.

Get yours before they're gone forever.

  • Handmade - Handcrafted by our amazing team.
  • Manufactured in America - Manufactured in the USA by hardworking Americans.
  • Rare Token-Designed in-house, limited production, and nothing out there like it.
  • Jesus By Your Side - Have Jesus by your side 24/7 when you keep this in your pocket
  • John 3:16- "Whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life"
  • Wonderful Gift - For children, family members, fellow churchgoers, and those special to you in your life