Green Prosperity Cross

Have you fell on hard financial times? Could you desperately use extra money? The Lord hears your prayers and he wants to help you.

Problem is, most worshipers aren't aware that God needs a point of contact to help you. Let this blessed prosperity cross be the point of contact the Lord needs to help you solve your financial problems.

The cross is made out of a rare material and then is blessed thoroughly, so by the time it's in your hands you can already feel its divine power. 

We recommend keeping this cross in your pocket or purse, the closer it is to you on a daily basis the better. 

Our customers who were blessed by this prosperity cross kept it on them at all times and slept with it under their pillow and prayed with it several times a day.

God is already on your side, with this blessed prosperity cross as your point of contact God will make sure you never struggle financially ever again.

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