Divine Detox Kit

We're excited to introduce our Divine Detox Kit, that will help you cleanse your spirit, mind, and body. The kit consists of two of our artisan handmade bath bombs, two 2ml bottles of our Holy Water, a bar of our detox soap and one wellness cross.

The kit is a great deal and is an excellent way to "reboot" yourself from sin. The kit comes with instructions but they are simple.

Pour yourself a bath and once you're done shut off your running water. From there you're going to want to get into the bath water. Next get a bottle of our Holy Water and pour that into your bath water.

Then, take the wellness cross and hold it in your hand and say this prayer: "By this Holy water and by your Precious Blood, wash away all my sins O Lord".

After you've prayed, take your bath bomb and drop it into the bath water. From there you are to cleanse yourself with the detox soap and go about your typical routine.