Charm cute Jesus Cross Earring

  • Gold plated shining cross metal earrings, excellent quality, the shape of beautiful earrings is more natural and perfect;convenient and comfortable to wear, suitable for men,women at any age.
  • Fashinable design,charm cute jesus cross Earring hypoallergenic metal for sensitive ears advanced environmental protection Stainless Steel Jewelry durable and bright, lead free, nickel free. On the human body does not produce any side effects and harm, soft for skin.
  • Cross design – The cross is the oldest symbol used by man. And used as a religious symbol for many religions including Christianity. The cross often symbolizes the four major elements of the world (Shiva, 1997), or, in other words, the unity of the deity and the world.
  • This amazing earrings match with suitable apparel for different occasion. You can wear the earrings on Wedding, Dinner, Date, Travel, Party, Dance or casual on your daily life, it can make you seem more beautiful and personality