Ichthys Matthew 19:26 Coin

⚠️Due to recent media coverage, we have extremely limited supplies of this incredibly rare coin.

This magnificent golden coin makes for a beautiful conversation piece and a daily carry pocket coin that will bring encouragement and hope.

On the front is the Ichthys or known as the "Jesus Fish" by some.

On the back is the bible verse "With God All Things Are Possible" Matthew 19:26.

If you keep this golden coin in your pocket, you will always have a way to remind yourself of our Lord's power, uplift yourself if you're feeling down or hopeless, and motivate yourself.

This coin is known to bring luck, hopefulness, and peace of mind to those who carry it and is an excellent gift.

  • weighs 1 troy oz
  • extremely discounted price
  • comes in a clear hardened case for safe keeping
  • limited release
  • beautiful mirror-like finish
  • makes for a fascinating conversation piece or gift for family, friends, or your fellow churchgoers
  • great daily pocket carry coin that will remind the person who carries it to keep their head up and remain hopeful
  • 100% authentic .999 fine 24k garb pure gold coin

⚠️ Claim yours before they're gone for good. This is a once in a lifetime discount you'll likely never see again.