God Forgives and Forgets Coin

The perfect coin for the military member to carry in their pocket, to send off with your young college student, a gift to anyone as they travel, when that close friend struggles, or for yourself.

Regardless of how far we fall or stray from his word, God always forgives when we repent and forgets our transgressions.

He carries us, and he is there for us, no matter how far we stray. As he says in Isaiah 43:25 - I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins. With our belief in God, we have nothing to fear.

God never lets us go, even when the world seems to press in on us, threatening everything we hold dear. Like the good shepherd he is, God guides us and protects us, despite the evils of this world.

He is my best friend in times of trouble when fear tempts you to abandon him, and he will never let you drift too far. He is there for you.

This coin is one you will never want to leave behind. It is a great daily carry and reminder coin.

The obverse of the coin depicts the Lord Jesus Christ reaching down from the clouds to touch and heal a man in need, with the words, God forgives and forgets.

The reverse of the coin features the star of Bethlehem, three sheep bowing their heads, and God's arm reaching down to grasp the hand of one of his saints, with the words God never let's go, he is my best friend.