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Rare Jesus "The Protector" Coin

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⚠️ Due to recent media coverage and the limited production of this rare golden coin our remaining supply is extremely small.

Just in time for the holiday season comes a brand new golden coin like no other.

This coin is a limited release, which means we've only minted a couple hundred coins with this design. These will not be mass produced so if you own one of these you have a rare keepsake to treasure.

Whether you're a dedicated follower of Jesus or simply a collector, you will not be disappointed by this release.

Jesus is the good shepherd to His believers just as the shepherds were of their livestock. A shepherd tended his flock day and night. He would gather the sheep into a sheepfold at night for their protection.

Being different than a hired keeper who might run away in the face of danger, the flock belonged to the shepherd who would stay and defend them. He had a genuine loving concern for what belonged to him.

In chapter 10, Jesus illustrates how the shepherd cares for his flock, protecting them from weather, thieves, and predatory animals. He loved and shielded them and if necessary, he would lay down his life for them.

Jesus is that loving protector and caretaker for His flock. Ezekiel 34 foretold of the Messiah who would, like a true shepherd, come to protect God’s people. It was a loving message of the coming Christ, the good shepherd.

Carry this coin with you daily as a reminder that Jesus will protect you from all harm and that he loves you.

The front of the coin has a picture of Jesus with the people and the back has this bible verse: "And remember that I am always with you until the end of time." Matthew 28:20 and also says "Jesus Loves You".

  • extremely discounted price
  • comes in a clear hardened case for safe keeping
  • limited release (you won't find this coin anywhere else!)
  • perfect reminder that Jesus is our protector and that he loves us all
  • 100% authentic .999 fine 24k garb pure gold coin
  • beautiful mirror like finish
  • makes for a wonderful gift for family, friends, or your fellow churchgoers

⚠️ Claim yours now. This is a limited release and will only increase in value over time. This is a once in a lifetime deal.