The Disciples 5 Piece Collectors Coin Set

⚠️ Due to recent media coverage, we have minimal supplies of this incredibly rare coin collectors set remaining in our inventory.

We are calling all devout followers of Jesus Christ! This timeless and breathtaking 5 piece coin collectors set is finally available for purchase again.

For months, this beautiful coin collector set sold out within minutes of being on our storefront, but for a limited time, we're happy to announce we have more collectors sets available for purchase.

This set contains a Serenity Coin, Ichthys Coin, Matthew 28:20 Coin, Servant of Christ Coin, and a Guardian Angel Coin.

These 5 rare coins are highly sought after across the globe get yours before they are gone forever!

  • collectors set contains 5 different coins
  • each coin weighs one troy oz
  • extremely discounted price
  • comes in a clear hardened case for safe keeping
  • includes a velvet bag for carrying and storage
  • limited edition and extremely low supply
  • beautiful mirror-like finish
  • makes for a fascinating conversation piece or gift for family, friends, fellow churchgoers and other special individuals in your life

⚠️ Claim your collectors set before they're gone for good. This is a once in a lifetime discount you'll likely never see again.