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Here at Divine Bazaar we like to make and sell products that bring the light and life of our Lord to the masses. Occasionally we like to indulge ourselves by creating something out-of-the-box, unexpected and just a little bit daring. Our Gold Jesus Last Supper Coin is one such product, and once you take a closer look at it we are almost certain you will become as excited about it as we are!

The Last Supper Gold Coin

The Last Supper Coin that we supply is immaculately presented in genuine, one hundred percent authentic gold. Of course, a Jesus Gold Coin would not be what it said it was without the image of Jesus cast into it. On the flip side we present the fabled and iconic image of DaVinci's 'Last Supper' for your perusal.

The Gold Jesus Coin was created as a keepsake and a way to pass on the blessings of our Lord to your friends, family, fellow church goers and other loved ones. The last supper coin makes a perfect present around Easter or Christmas time, and is a lovely way to commemorate a new birth in the family. Buy one of our Last Supper Coins for the new baby and they will be able to cherish it always.

Not only does it make a lovely token or thoughtful gift; the coin reminds us of our place in the Universe, of the value Jesus placed in each one of us and of our worth as human beings. IT reminds us that He died for our sins, to make the world a better place and to ease the suffering of the world. A suffering which might never have gone away, but that His Word can ease.


Whether you want to keep the Gold Jesus Coin as a commemorative object, as a conversation starter or to carry it around in your wallet for guidance; this .999 24 carat piece will spark interest anywhere it goes. We not only provide the Last Supper Gold Coin itself but will also present a clear and hardened carry case for you too, so that the mirror like shine of the end product is never scratched or tarnished.

This rare and limited edition gold Jesus coin weighs a full troy ounce and has a 24k pure gold garb, fits into the palm of your hand and is light enough to carry everywhere with you. Present it to a loved one or keep it close to your heart to remind you that Jesus is with you, wherever you go.

Divine Bazaar

We here at Divine Bazaar want to produce and supply only the most premium in quality of goods. All of our products are related to good Christian values and we try to incorporate those beliefs into all that we do. We don't just sell themed produce – we sell little bits of peace and harmony by alighting the world to the word of God – one product at a time!

When you think of Divine Bazaar we want you to think of honest values and a reliable, respectful company you can trust. We think few of our products say this quite as well as the Solid Gold Last Supper Jesus coin. Buy now, and see for yourself.


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Frances Faur
Frances Faur

July 22, 2019

It is the most beautiful coin I have ever seen.I am so happy I ordered it and I will pass it down to my great grandson who is only 3 weeks old Thank yoi

Bob Miller
Bob Miller

October 28, 2018

It’s the most beautiful I’ve ever seen of it’s kind, glad that I got one.

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